We are proud of our reputation as an employer that recognises and rewards talent.

why choose us?

We offer our employees a unique environment in which ambitious people thrive.  We truly value our people and their differences, and we harness the various talents across the business, propelling and supporting them to progress in their careers with us.

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    Competitive Salary

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    Social Events

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    Gym Membership

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    25 Days' Holiday

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    3:30 Friday Finish

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    Uncapped Commission

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    Incentive Trips

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    Flexible Working

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    Cycle2Work Scheme

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    Childcare Vouchers

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    Eyecare Vouchers

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    Death In Service Cover

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    Anniversary Day Off

  • 50

    % female senior management

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    Ensuring diversity in the workplace and the promotion of women in technology. Founded by Toni Cocozza in 1990 it runs through our core to instil female empowerment in our business.

  • 6

    years tenure

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    across 25% of our staff.

    In an industry which is renowned for having a high turnover of staff, we are proud to have retained some of the best talent for such a significant period of time, with our current longest standing employee on 22 years tenure.

  • 28

    % of internal promotions

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    We believe that the measure of a successful business is its employees; the more fulfilled and engaged our employees are then the more far reaching the business can be. Which is why we have invested in supporting our employees in propelling their careers through dedicated training packages, courses and more, leading to 28% of the current workforce having received at least 1 promotion in their time with us.

  • 35

    % flexible workers

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    Winners of Recruiter Magazines ‘Most Effective Flexible Working Strategy’ we are proud to offer an environment to suit the modern day lifestyle.

  • 70

    % incentive qualification

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    With incentives ranging from lunches at Michelin star restaurants to trips to Barcelona, we are always looking at new and exciting ways to reward our employees for their hard work and continued success.

what our employees say

“I joined DP Connect because I wanted to work for a niche, specialist agency and I was impressed by the credentials of both the business and Senior Management. I was also impressed by the length of service so many of the Consultants have, it is somewhere I can stay for a long time and really build a career” I can honestly say DP Connect have provided me with the greatest level of support both on a personal and a professional level throughout my pregnancy and maternity leave."   Throughout my maternity leave I felt completely in touch with the business, with regular personal messages from the Directors to wish me luck, hear how everything was going and to request pictures of the baby!! I was also kept up to date of any important changes in the business so that I wouldn’t return feeling disconnected. Towards the end of my maternity leave I was met with a completely open minded, flexible and, above all, supportive approach to my return to work. I have been given the perfect mix of flexible working hours, an exciting new project in a different business area, and plenty of opportunity to progress and exercise my ambition. The fact that I am now a working mother has had no impact on conversations about my future potential with the company. This was so important, as it made my return to work something I was looking forward to, and excited about. I have been made to feel so welcome since returning to the business. In fact, in some ways I feel like I have never been away. The Directors regularly make sure I am getting all the support I need and it has also been made clear to me that I will always have their support in being a mum first.   I genuinely couldn’t be more thankful that DP Connect have made every effort to ensure I had no stress and no worries throughout my pregnancy and my maternity leave. I also have every confidence that they will make balancing my career and motherhood a much easier experience!"  

Cherry Swayne – Head of Sales

“I have worked for DP Connect for the last 9 years. The support I have received has been second to none. It has a family feel and everyone is treated equally. DP Connect has given me the opportunity to progress within Recruitment from a Delivery role to a Team Leader to Head of Delivery. As Head of Delivery I have complete ownership of delivery across all of our offices. With the experience I have gained at DP Connect I am now in a position to assist in making detailed assessments of each client opportunity, guaranteeing client satisfaction in sourcing the best talent in a demanding market. I also decide on what candidate acquisition tools we use across the business. I get to regularly travel to our other offices to help with sourcing strategies and knowledge sharing with new starters. I think DP Connect have a really strong management team, fun environment to work in and offer on-going support to the staff. I have really enjoyed the last 9 years and extremely looking forward to the next chapter.”

Matt Taylor - Head of Delivery

"I have worked in recruitment for the last 7 years and have been with DP Connect for the last 2 years based in our Cambridge office. Since I joined everyone has been very friendly and makes you feel welcome from the get go. You are empowered to make your own decisions and whilst you never have anyone standing over your shoulder, there is always someone available to help when you need it. Everyone wants you to do well and succeed; and will provide you with all the foundations that you need. There is regular collaboration between the offices, and people are quick to share knowledge and experience. DP Connect has a very fun environment, were we like to enjoy being at work. There are regular competitions and incentives to liven things up, and you can also get involved in regular team walks, lunchtime runs and meals out. If you have a keen attitude and are willing to work hard and listen to the years of advice around you, then DP Connect is the place to be. As an aside, they also throw an amazing Xmas party!"

Ryan Lanham - Principal Consultant

It’s been amazing to be part of the DP Connect Academy. From day one everyone has been supportive and attentive to all our needs. Very well paced training led by Matt with genuine interest in helping us succeed. I would highly recommend DP Connect Academy to anyone who is looking to start their recruitment career.   

Ashely Thomas - Junior Consultant, Academy Programme