Dedicated to making the process as simple and rewarding as it should be.

Here at DP Connect, we provide all of our contractors with an excellent support service.  If you require any assistance with any aspect of your contract, then contact our contractor care consultant 

Contact Information

Name: Tia Marshall

Position: Contract Administrator

Email: tmarshall@dpconnect.co.uk

If you have worked with us before, we are delighted that you have chosen to do so again.  If you have never worked with DP Connect before, we hope you will find our service of the highest quality, and our people extremely friendly and professional. Should you have any questions please get in contact.  If you are a first-time contractor, then we will be only too happy to help you make the transition from permanent to contract employment as enjoyable and seamless as possible.

Contractor Resources

Download a copy of our contractor welcome pack for more information on what you can expect in regards to support tthroughout your contract, payroll information and key contacts.

Dowload a copy of the InTime portal guide for detailed instructions on using our timesheet portal.

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