9 months ago by Silvana Hawkes

Why Employer Branding Will Take Centre Stage in 2021


In today’s candidate led market, candidates want transparency and if they don’t feel they are getting it from your company they will move on to the next. During 2020 there was an increase in job uncertainty and redundancies, which may mean more talent is available to hire but it will also mean that they will be more careful about their next steps. 

Candidates have more access to online information about companies, such as employee reviews and hiring processes and they want to gain an understanding of what their working life could look like at the company they are applying to work for. This desire for transparency and information is why employer branding will take centre stage in 2021. 

Employer branding isn’t a new concept, but it is one that must take priority in 2021 and beyond not only to attract those that are actively searching for new opportunities but also those who are not currently looking. 

Improving your employer branding 

To stay ahead and ensure you are attracting the best talent, consider what your current employer branding looks like and how you keep talent engaged. Are there any areas that could be improved? Do you need more content that is focused on your employer brand or could you enhance how you engage talent? 

One of the most powerful elements of your employer branding strategy is your existing employees, these are the people that candidates want to hear about. Your employees have a story to tell and senior management should be encouraging them to do so. A day in the life style videos and career stories are a great way to showcase what your employees think about working at your company. 

Ask your employee’s real questions that will invoke an emotional response, ask them about their achievements, their career goals or how your company has helped them rather than what they like about the office. 

These stories should then be used in the career section of your website and on your company social media pages so they can be easily found and seen by candidates. It’s important to remember that employer branding is as much about retaining your existing employees as it is about attracting new talent. Creating these stories helps you engage with your current workforce and highlights the ways your company could help them with their career progression or skills development. 

Company accolades and social responsibility are other big factors in attracting candidates. They want to know that the company they are applying to work for are successful, but also care about social issues such as reducing their carbon footprint, helping their local community or supporting charities. 

Make sure your career pages and social media channels are kept up to date with your latest achievement such as awards and accreditations as well as your involvement in the local community, charity partnerships and efforts to be greener.