about 1 year ago by Silvana Hawkes

Why Cyber Security is More Important than Ever


The shift in the way we work has led many businesses to make cyber security a priority. When COVID-19 hit and millions began working from home it increased the vulnerability of businesses, as the robust systems they had in place in the office where no longer applicable and businesses now had to rely on the security measures employees had taken on their home computers and devices.

Cyber security is a big threat to businesses, not only can being compromised impact them financially, but it can also put a big dent in their reputation and negatively affect customer trust. 

Rising cost of breaches

The cost of cybercrime that is incurred by UK businesses runs into the billions, which is why investing in robust cybersecurity has never been more important. 

Recent statistics show that the average cost of a data breach for a large company is £20,000, but the actual financial impact can be much greater when you take into consideration the reputational damage, loss of trust and how having a reputation for poor security can lead to a failure to win new contracts. 
Increase in sophisticated attacks 
Nearly every business has a website and externally exposed systems that can provide hackers with entry points into internal networks. From phishing attacks to compromising privileged accounts, the cyber attack threat is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and hackers have a lot to gain for successful data breaches. 

Businesses need to assume they will be attacked at some point and have robust systems in place that not only detect if they have been compromised but help them respond and remediate quickly. 

More IoT devices 

Today there are more smart devices than ever before connected to the internet in both the home and the office. From mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PC’s, printers and wearables, each device that is connected to the internet could potentially provide cybercriminals with an access point. 

With more and more IoT devices comes a wide range of security weaknesses and businesses should consider regularly conducting vulnerability assessments to help identify and address risks presented by these devices. 

Stricter regulations 

The introduction of regulations in the UK such as GDPR means that businesses must take cyber security more seriously or face heavy penalties if they do not comply with regulations. GDPR was put in place to ensure that organisations take better care of the personal data they hold about customers. 

As part of GDPR, businesses must implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect personal data, regularly review controls and detect, investigate and report breaches. 

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