about 1 year ago by Silvana Hawkes

Can Remote Working Enhance Workplace Diversity?


In recent years many businesses have been reluctant to adopt remote working as they couldn’t see how it would work for their company or how it could be better than having your employees in the same physical location, but 2020 has taught many businesses that remote working may be the future. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, remote working has become the new normal for many businesses and employees. And while it has been proven that remote working can improve productivity, job satisfaction, flexibility and reduce operational costs, could it also enhance workplace diversity? 

Companies that are serious about their diversity efforts could use remote working to their benefit to help them improve inclusion and diversity at their company and dramatically expand their talent pools. 

As geographic location becomes less important in the hiring process, companies now have access to a much wider pool of talent and this access can help them increase the diversity in their workplace. Whether they want to balance the gender or disability gap or improve ethnic diversity, companies and remote working can make that easier than ever before. 

Removing location bias helps create opportunities for more inclusive hiring practices. For example, companies looking to improve their ethnic diversity are no longer restricted by location and can cast their net far and wide to attract the best talent. The talent has always been out there, but the candidate’s location may not have made it feasible to travel for work. 

Equally, employers looking to close the disability gap at their company can do so without the need to make accessibility changes to their premises as disabled employees would be able to work from home in an environment that they were comfortable in and without the need to commute. 

This means that employers can begin employing those with disabilities quicker than they could before as accessibility or commuting are no longer challenges to overcome. Remote working can also help reduce conscious and unconscious biases in the workplace, employees are judged based on their performance and the value of their work. 

Remote working offers flexible working that a regular 9 to 5 office-based job is unable to provide, meaning that companies that offer flexible working patterns to help with work-life balance may attract more female talent, helping to rebalance the gender gap. 

At DP Connect, we specialise in recruitment for the Technology sector and are committed to ensuring diversity in the workplace, with a particular focus on promoting women in the tech industry. Female empowerment is at the core of everything we do and are proud that our senior management team is made up of 50% women.