about 1 year ago by Silvana Hawkes

How the Pandemic Proved that Cloud Technology is the Future

Digital transformation and adoption of cloud technology have been hot topics and a key priority for many businesses, but the COVID-19 pandemic not only sped up the need for digital transformation it also proved that cloud technology is the future. 
A recent study showed that 91% of IT leaders are changing their cloud strategy as a direct result of the impact of Coronavirus. While this number is high, it’s fairly unsurprising. 
Back in March when lockdown was enforced across the UK, businesses had to adapt almost overnight to continue to operate remotely and those that had already adopted the cloud found this transition more seamless than those that hadn’t. 
Remote working and the flexibility of the cloud go hand in hand and as new future of work emerges with more employees than ever before working from home, businesses will likely depend on cloud technology throughout 2020 and beyond. 
The impact of cloud technology during the pandemic includes:
  • Enabled remote working and access to platforms from home 
  • Reduced costs and provided flexibility during uncertain times 
  • Saved the time of internal teams with automatic updates and easy access
  • Ability to scale up and down to meet the needs of the business 
No business was prepared for the pandemic or the way in which it would disrupt their business, their revenue streams or their ways of working, but the great thing about cloud technology is that it helped businesses be prepared by default. 
While they are no means new concepts, cloud services like video conferencing apps such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams have seen an increase in adoption since the beginning of 2020. As a result of the pandemic, more and more businesses have come to rely on these services to hold meetings with clients, suppliers and colleagues. 
Businesses that had already undertaken cloud transformation were able to continue operating without any restrictions from their technology, they were already prepared for remote working but may not have realised it. 
During the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses have been focused on cutting costs and ensuring employee safety and cloud technology has played a vital role in achieving these objectives by offering flexible monthly subscriptions and platforms that can be accessed by employees from any location. 
Around 66% of IT leaders have said they will continue to use cloud services once workers return to the office, when this return will take place is currently an unknown for many businesses in the UK and a shift in attitude towards remote working could see permanent infrastructure changes.