about 1 year ago by Ashely Thomas

Women in Tech: Why did you pursue a career in tech?


DP Connect's Women in Tech series features three articles from our Recruitment Consultant Ashely Thomas. After conducting interviews with some of the leading female experts in the technology sector Ashely explores the roles of women in IT and technology, the challenges they have faced and the advice they would give to other females looking to break into the tech world.


If you take a close look around the technology industry, you may find yourself questioning why there aren’t more women. It’s clear to see that there is a big gender imbalance across the tech industry, and it remains a male-dominated sector. 
Having studied Software Engineering at university, I now recruit into the Technology market. I am personally passionate about this subject and am committed to doing my part to help drive this. I had the opportunity to speak to three very talented and successful female CTOs about their experiences and what made them want to pursue a career in technology. 

Women in the field of technology are in the minority, Greenie Cheng, CTO at GrantTree was exposed to programming at a young age through her mother who was an accountant and wanted her to learn programming to help with her work. Greenie said, “it never really occurred to me that women were in the minority in the field of technology until I went to engineering school.” 

Greenie chose a career in tech due to her love of building software and automation. Greenie continues, “It makes me feel like a sorcerer when my machines run smoothly without my intervention and they keep running and keep producing even when I’m not physically there. It’s a very satisfying feeling knowing that I’m productive even in my sleep. It feels limitless in a way, like I’m able to multiply my powers.”

Ex-CTO at MarketInvoice, Rija Javed, who currently works at Facebook, knew a career in tech was the right path for her. She wanted to make an impact working on challenging problems with people she enjoys working with, respects and can learn from. 

Rija comments, “Tech was the big industry when I was in university and it seemed like the right fit in terms of impact, challenges and smart people. The fact that women are a minority never played into my decision making and to be honest, I never thought about it.”

When CTO at Incuto, Jennifer Anderson was applying to universities, she decided she would enjoy a course in Computer Science. Her mum was a strong role model for Jennifer and worked as an IT manager for a tech start-up in Dublin. 

Jennifer says of her experience, “I graduated from university during the first dot com bubble and went to live in San Fran for 6 months working for a tech start-up. I have had some amazing opportunities and experience working in tech.” 

At DP Connect, we specialise in recruitment for the Technology sector and are committed to ensuring diversity in the workplace, with a particular focus on promoting women in the tech industry. Female empowerment is at the core of everything we do and are proud that our senior management team is made up of 50% women.