about 1 year ago by Silvana Hawkes

Pioneering Healthcare Technology Deployed in Care Homes


During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare technology company Tunstall Healthcare developed robust remote health monitoring technologies to respond to the crisis and assist care providers in the care of the elderly and vulnerable. 

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust and Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group have enlisted the support of Tunstall to deploy pioneering healthcare technology into 34 care homes across Bolton. This new tech enables better care for service users and reduces the need for face-to-face contact. 

Tunstall’s triagemanager and myKiosk systems were deployed into Bolton’s care homes to enable the closer monitoring of vulnerable service users while reducing the need for visits from clinical staff and reducing the risk of cross-infection. 

Both systems help reduce pressure on primary and secondary care. myKiosk enables care home staff to record service users’ vital signs via the my myKiosk tablet and answer a series of questions about their health and symptoms. 

This information is then shared with the triagemanager software and an alert will be raised depending on the patient’s level of risk, this will then inform decisions about the next step to take in the care of the patient. 

Using these two technologies will provide clinicians with the ability to prioritise patient care as those who require medical intervention will be highlighted by the systems.  

At a time when many care homes across the country were locked down to external visitors, this pioneering healthcare technology can help them reduce the number of visits from doctors and district nurses and therefore reduce the risk of transmission to their vulnerable service users. 

It will also help ease the strain on clinical staff as patient cases can be reviewed remotely, without the need for a face-to-face visit. This will not only help reduce the number of direct visits but will also help them ensure that high-risk cases are given priority. 

In addition to the two technology systems, the 34 care homes have been equipped with thermometers, pulse oximeters and blood pressure monitors. Tunstall worked with staff in the care homes to train them on how to use the system and where needed trained staff on how to take vital sign observations. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a number of unique challenges to our health and social care systems, from strain on the NHS and care homes to an increase in older isolated individuals and a reduced workforce. Healthcare technology solutions such as Tunstall’s can help overcome these challenges, improve the way health and social care providers operate and significantly impact patient outcomes.