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Top Tips for Virtual Interviews


Top Tips for Virtual Interviews

For the majority of companies who were adjusting to working from home, their hiring campaigns suddenly did not seem to be at the top of the agenda as lockdown gripped the country. However, now we are a couple of weeks in to this new way of working, most of our clients have begun to adapt and are keen, like ourselves, to carry on with business as usual.

This includes continuing to hire for those essential roles, and therefore adjusting their interview process to fit with this new way of working. Usually you could expect a telephone interview followed by a face to face meeting with your prospective new employer. But this has forced most organisations to be dragged in to utilising the great technology we have available…and realising they can still hire great candidates without that face to face meeting.

It is crucial to ensure you prepare yourselves for these virtual interviews as employers may still be nervous to hire without meeting you face to face… prove to them they do not need to be.

We have compiled our top tips for virtual meetings, whether this be using Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom or any other technology the client requests.

  • Test your technology – even if you are using software you are familiar with, ask a friend to test out your connection; that they can hear you clearly and your laptop/PC is positioned to see your head, shoulders and torso. Imagine you are across the desk from your potential employer, this is how they should be viewing you on camera.

  • Dress for the occasion  - just because you are at home, you are still having an interview. Clients may not expect you to be fully suited and booted, however a smart dress code should still be applied.

  • Be aware of your surroundings – many of you will also have family members at home during this time. Ensure you have a quiet spot in the house set up where you will not be disturbed by background noise or people entering the room on your video call. If you do not have an office try to position yourself at a table as if you were in a face to face interview. If you can have a blank wall behind you then sit yourself accordingly.

  • Organise yourself - have a glass of water to hand, your CV, any notes you may need etc. However, do not be distracted by reading off your notes or shuffling paperwork. You are in a position where you may be able to glance at questions you wanted to answer which may normally slip your mind or key points about the organisation.

  • Body Language – because you do not have that face-to-face connection with the interviewer your body language and enthusiasm becomes even more important. You cannot give a firm hand shake but you can smile, be yourself, relax and maintain eye contact with the screen. Although on starting your role you may be working from home, the interviewer will still want to ensure you are a good personality fit for their organisation.

  • Preparation – this stands for all interviews whether face to face, over the phone or virtually. BE PREPARED. The interviewer will want to know you have researched their organisation, the job role, the skill set and any potential questions you may be asked. Speak to your consultant at DP Connect about anything else you may need to prepare and some more background on the vibe of the organisation.

If you have any questions on interviewing in the current climate do not hesitate to call Matt Taylor on 0208 466 3656