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5 Top Tips for Women Considering a Career in Tech


Are you a woman considering a career in tech? Are you sometimes apprehensive about what being a woman in technology means? Women may still be in the minority in tech, with just 17% of the workforce being made up of women, however, in order to engineer change in the situation, more and more women need to break into the industry. A career in tech is an excellent choice, it can be well-paid, offer great opportunities for remote and flexible working, and with the pace of advancements in technology it can be an extremely rich and diverse industry to develop alongside.

WomeninTech.co.uk have compiled 5 top tips to help women considering a career in technology:


1. Become a relentless learner

Technology is always changing along with new industry trends, iterations and inventions. If you are considering a career in the tech industry then it is important to open as many doors as possible for yourself by always learning new skills, staying up to date with the latest tech trends and never losing that thirst for knowledge and development that sparked your interest in tech. Having an arsenal of skills and knowledge in your field will give you a competitive edge in the eyes of employers and organisations. Learning doesn’t have to mean always enrolling on courses, there are so many free resources out there to gain valuable insight, knowledge and skills such as books, podcasts, YouTube videos, and forums.


2. Network and connect

Seeking out mentors and/or opportunities to network and connect with other women in tech is a really positive thing you can do for yourself to not only increase your understanding and picture of what it’s like to work in tech, but also it can be a way to discover new opportunities for work experience, or even a future referral for a job. Attending networking events or signing up to a mentorship programme will provide you with support from someone who has perhaps been in your shoes and can make you feel empowered and supported that you can do it too! Women empowering women is an important part of working to increase female representation in tech.


3. Seek out inspiring role models

The power of role models to inspire and innovate is a great thing to utilise when considering a career in tech, especially if you are a woman and entering as a minority in the industry. Everyone will have different stories about how they entered their fields, what qualifications they gained, work experience they embarked on and advice for those at the early stage of their career journeys. Role models are powerful because they are examples of real people who have been in your situation and therefore they are extremely relatable. A way to discover role models is to read case studies because this is a quick and accessible way to feel like part of a growing community of women in tech.


4. The possibilities are endless! Research your options

It’s really important to do as much research as possible into what sector of tech to go into as well as the different jobs available in the tech industry. Often there are misconceptions that working in tech is mostly coding or software developing, however, this is not the case. Tech covers a broad range of roles and there could be jobs out there in tech you hadn’t even thought possible. For example working in tech can mean working as a project manager, as an analyst, user experience guru, IT support and even tech sales to name but a few. From health tech and artificial intelligence to web design and aesthetics, the more you start looking into tech jobs, the more diverse the picture of working in tech becomes.


5. Take advantage of your unique position as a woman in tech

More and more organisations are committing to fixing the issue of gender imbalance in tech, and this means that if you’re a woman considering a career in tech you are in a great position to put yourself out there and take advantage of the opportunities being created to attract more women into the industry! Technology has such a broad definition and because of that can often seem quite daunting, but it’s important to have confidence in your abilities to bring your talents to the industry and thrive. From specific business grants aimed at helping women in tech, to an ever growing list of employers committed to creating gender diverse tech teams, it’s an exciting time to be a woman considering a career in tech.


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