about 2 years ago by Kathryn Doe, Talent Acquisition Manager

360 & 180

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Looking to get into a job in recruitment? You may have seen the terms 180 and 360 bandied about, what do they mean? Which one is best for you?


180 recruitment splits-up the traditional role of a consultant into one of two areas – business development or candidate generation. Most 180 recruiters tend to favor the talent resourcing route and are often called ‘delivery consultants. This role is a great option for entry-level candidates, since it focuses on the overall journey rather than the big sell. Delivery consultants often sit within teams of 360 recruiters, supporting them with talent while facilitating a strong candidate experience.

The business development side falls into Account Management, which enables the recruiter more time to understand the clients’ needs and focus on building relationships.

The downside of 180 recruitment is that many businesses will overlook delivery consultants/Account Managers for promotions or new opportunities. This is because they are not always seen as ambitious or money-orientated, with the wins coming frequently but on a small scale.  It is important to recognise that solid candidate relationships fuel the entire recruitment process, so this highlights the need for 180 consultants!


360 recruiters manage the entire recruitment lifecycle to deliver a seamless and all-encompassing service. This role means getting to know your network inside-out in terms of both clients and candidates. It also removes the ‘middle man’ effect of reverting to delivery consultants for updates, thus limiting any errors in communication. With so many variables at play, it’s safe to say no two days in 360 recruitment are ever the same.

Recruiters in this space need to be incredibly organised, with strong time planning, stakeholder management and prioritisation skills. It’s not enough to be personable – here, strong sales technique and a good head for business development are essential to your success. In return, you can expect stellar commission, quick progression and career development. 

What are you?