Great Response from Monday’s Recruitment Matters “Inspirational and Effective Leadership” Course

posted: 2014-11-27
On Monday Matthew Taylor (Resource Team Leader) and Richard Howard (Head of Payments Practice) attended the Inspirational and Effective Leadership training day hosted by Recruitment Matters International with Stewart Stone taking lead on training throughout the day.
The Inspirational and Effective Leadership day focuses on those within a Managerial or Directorial position – helping them to enhance the management skills they have learnt to date and the best way to adapt these to promote loyalty, dedication and simply better results, from the teams they lead.
I caught up with Matt and Richard on their thoughts from the day:
“Coming away from the course it was a pleasure to have met with a variety of SME business owners, directors and team leaders; like myself. Amongst a number of topics of discussions it was insightful to learn from all of my fellow trainees the number of different approaches that we all take when building, developing and nurturing our teams. It was particularly helpful to then reflect on all of these methods and the success rates in which we have had, so as though we could pinpoint the most effective techniques. I am eager to begin implementing these approaches as part of my day-to-day management role and hope I can reap some of the success of which was demonstrated by Stewart.”