A huge thank you to Global Recruiter and all those at Recruitment Live 2014

posted: 2014-11-27
What an absolute pleasure it was to attend day 1 of Recruitment Live 2014 on Tuesday. Myself and Metin Faik; IT Operations Manager, thoroughly enjoyed visiting all of the stands which had been expertly set up. Was lovely to see some new and old (no offence intended!) faces – everyone was extremely welcoming and more than happy to provide demonstrations of their latest products and services; Cube19, Eploy and TempBuddy to name just a few!
Aside from the stands in the main hall, we both had the chance to visit some of the Fringe Events throughout the day – with such a variety of seminars being held there was something for everyone across the business. I myself popped in to the Brand Workshop held by James Del-Gatto; was very insightful to hear just how successful a re-brand can be if implemented and executed accurately. DP Connect are currently at the beginning stages of a re-brand and I certainly gained some food for thought! I also joined in the Social Media and Restrictive Covenants event held by Paul Chamberlain of TEAM – with a growing focus on social media in this day and age it is fundamental to understand how to protect your business and Paul provided great examples of cases regarding non-solicitation and compete clauses and how they can and cannot be beneficial for your organisation. This also highlighted how a company’s view of their data and who has ownership of this can be wrong when in the public domain.
Metin also registered to some of the fringe events aimed at those within the Operations function of the business, such as the Mobile Recruitment discussion given by Mike Taylor, WBR. Metin advised this concerned how the growth in mobile devices is affecting companies especially within the recruitment sector and how the web may not be as mobile friendly as you first think. We have recently launched a “mobile-friendly” version of our website so it was interesting to hear how this can be further developed.
Would like to thank Global Recruiter for an excellent day and praise on how brilliantly it was organised.
We wish we could have attended more of the Fringe Events or be a part of Day 2 but we definitely will be back next year with some more colleagues!
Plus we now never need to worry about being short of a pen!