Increase in Graduate hires within the workplace - our first-hand experience

posted: 2014-08-22

We have seen a noticeable increase in clients taking on graduates this year and also being more open to hire less experienced people, giving them the opportunity to develop skills on-the-job whilst providing them with support and mentoring. It is really rewarding to place these individuals and to see them flourish. It usually means more effort on our part helping with writing CVs, preparing compelling suitability statements and preparing applicants for interviews but it is hugely worthwhile and genuinely appreciated by the individuals themselves.

Already we have seen a 20 year old we placed in June who has just been on 5 days of intensive and expensive training funded by his employer and who has been be-friended by contract and permanent colleagues alike who are sharing their experience (‘work and life’ apparently!).

A graduate who had been out of work for 4 months took the trouble to call us and say that he is loving the new job we got him. We later found out that he had volunteered to work on a Sunday to help his experienced team colleagues out of a tight spot. We were quietly surprised that he stepped up to the challenge of the work that was scheduled for that weekend given his limited experience but he took it in his stride and we are told that he did a very good job.

Not saying that every role can be filled by a junior of course, or by someone who is keen but not yet capable, and neither am I belittling the vast experience of our seasoned IT professionals without whom we would not have a business - just saying that everyone deserves a chance and a helping hand onto the IT career ladder! In an industry that suffers skill shortages on a regular basis why would we not welcome new comers and develop/retain the talent we already have.