Recruitment Agency Expo 2015 – Head of DP Connect Cambridge, Cherry Swayne reflects on the day

posted: 2015-03-03
“Last week I spent an enjoyable but busy day at the Recruitment Agency Expo listening to talks and training workshops by some of the industry’s leading voices. The Expo provided a great opportunity to get a broad picture on what is happening in the economy and the recruitment industry in general, as well as honing my skills in specific areas around advanced candidate sourcing and building longstanding relationships.
Here are some of the top things I learnt”
The Market
·         The recruitment industry is now worth more than it ever was pre-recession.
·         2014 saw the highest growth in job vacancies for over 15 years.
·         However, the number of applications per vacancy dropped month on month for the whole year.
·         There are now more jobs than ever, and less people who are applying for them.
·         80% of employers are looking to hire in the next 3 months.
·         As we face the general election in May there is a lot of regulations and politics surrounding the recruitment industry.
·         As Consultants we need to be aware of how politics, both local and national, affects our industry and come up with solutions to wider problems i.e. skills shortages, lack of equality and diversity etc.
Relationship Management
·         We are now in a candidate-led market and we need to find candidates that are invisible to our competitors.
·         Make sure we are constantly seeking referrals – the best people in the market know other good people.
·         We need to find the very best candidates in the market and work harder on finding them a new job than any other recruiter.
·         Our job is find great jobs for great people!
·         46% of candidates would like to meet their recruitment consultant face to face. We must ensure we are doing this.
·         Work according to Pareto’s law – spend 80% of your time working on the top 20% of your candidates.
Social Media
·         Ensure you are only posting updates about topics that are going to interest your target audience.
·         Each tweet has a half life of 16 minutes – you need to be tweeting on average 9 times per day to be noticed.
·         Use tools such as Buzzsumo and Feedly to generate and manage content ideas for sharing on social media.
·         Use Source Hub on Social Talent’s website to create Boolean searches for you. It’s a free tool.
·         Use the following search string to find Developers on Github: 'joined on' java Cambridge