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Press Release: eg technology

eg technology

Press release: Cambridge, 06 February 2013.

eg technology fuels growth through recruitment partnership with DP Connect

Cambridge-based product design consultancy, eg technology Ltd, and specialist IT recruitment company, DP Connect, have signed an exclusive recruitment deal. The deal has made DP Connect the sole recruitment agency fora business development manager and three software and electronics roles, representing a significant expansion for the electronics and software groups.

eg technology is one of the UK’s leading product design, development and engineering consultancies, working in the medical, biotech and consumer sectors. Based at the heart of the Cambridge technology cluster, eg technology takes a pragmatic approach, combining innovation and experience to quickly and cost-effectively deliver results to their clients. Established in 2002 by Andrew Ede and Danny Godfrey, the company celebrated its 10th anniversary last year with strong revenue growth and record project sales. This success has resulted in a need to recruit for four new positions: Business Development Manager, Software Engineer, Electronics Engineer and Electronics Technician, in addition to the four new team members who joined in 2012.

eg technology worked with DP Connect when recruiting for a previous software role and were very impressed by the quality of their candidates and their professionalism. This has led them to select the specialist recruiters to help with these four new positions. Danny Godfrey, Director at eg technology, said “As a service-based business that trades on the expertise and personality of its team, we take recruitment extremely seriously. When a client subcontracts a significant piece of their development work to us they need to feel comfortable not just with our creative and technical skills but also with the softer side. We therefore take great care to employ people who can contribute more generally to life at eg as well as bringing their technical ability. This can make recruitment difficult but we felt that DP Connect understood our exacting requirements and are confident they can help us find four more great hires.”

Jon Langton, Regional Manager at DP Connect, said “I am delighted to announce this partnership with eg technology, and look forward to helping them with their exciting growth plans in 2013”.


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*The Cambridge Team:
Tor Meldal, Jon Lagnton, Cherry Swayne, Mike Roberts