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  • Date Posted: 16.05.2018.

Ivanti Shavlik Windows EUC Patching Engineer

Job Description

Contract EUC Engineer - Ivanti

Ivanti or Shavlik EUC Windows Patching Engineer (Contract) required by my highly successful managed services client based in Berkshire to provide ongoing end-to-end administration and support of customers Ivanti/Shavlik Patch console(s) for the managed-service Patch as a Service offering including, but not limited to: machine grouping, patching schedules, e-mail alerts and scheduled reporting. The Windows Engineer will be the key-stakeholder in maintaining and administering the solution as a cornerstone of the Patch as a Service Offering.

Working, detailed knowledge of the Ivanti Patch or Shavlik for Windows Servers product
Working, detailed knowledge of Windows NT operating system platforms (including Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012/2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 and client/workstation equivalents)
Ability to diagnose communication issues with the console server and endpoints (and vice versa), for escalation to networking-team to investigate and resolve, or to SDM for customer remediation
Highly methodical and 'attention-to-detail' approach for Ivanti Patch console administration and reporting
Ability to diagnose and advise patch-remediation avenues of investigation for action by E-Support/Second Line, if required (for example, to review and parse error-codes in Ivanti Patch automated-deployment reports)

This is a superb contract opportunity to work with a truly successful organisation in an excellent environment that encourages self-development and knowledge sharing. The working environment is first-class.

Job Requirements

Ivanti / Shavlik / Patching / Windows Server