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  • Location: Staffordshire
  • Date Posted: 11.01.2018.

Ivanti EUC Patching Engineer

Job Description

Contract EUC Engineer - Ivanti

Ivanti EUC Patching Engineer (Contract) required by my highly successful managed services client based in Berkshire to provide ongoing end-to-end administration and support of customers Ivanti Patch console(s) for the managed-service Patch as a Service offering including, but not limited to: machine grouping, patching schedules, e-mail alerts and scheduled reporting. EUC Ivanti Patching Engineer will be the key-stakeholder in maintaining and administering the solution as a cornerstone of the Patch as a Service Offering.

Working, detailed knowledge of the Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers product
Working, detailed knowledge of Windows NT operating system platforms (including Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012/2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 and client/workstation equivalents)
Ability to diagnose communication issues with the console server and endpoints (and vice versa), for escalation to networking-team to investigate and resolve, or to SDM for customer remediation
Highly methodical and 'attention-to-detail' approach for Ivanti Patch console administration and reporting
Ability to diagnose and advise patch-remediation avenues of investigation for action by E-Support/Second Line, if required (for example, to review and parse error-codes in Ivanti Patch automated-deployment reports)

This is a superb contract opportunity to work with a truly successful organisation in an excellent environment that encourages self-development and knowledge sharing. The working environment is first-class.

Job Requirements

Ivanti / Patching / Windows Server