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  • Job Reference: JO026229
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  • Salary: £120000 per annum
  • Location: England
  • Date Posted: 07.09.2018.
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  • Location: London
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  • Salary: £170000 per annum
  • Location: South East
  • Date Posted: 21.08.2018.

.NET Developer

Job Description

Seasoned C# .NET Developers Required - Leading Financial Services Organisation - Rapidly Growing - Central London -Excellent Salaries and Benefits on offer

C#, .NET, AWS, Azure, TDD, API, Microservices

My client who is one of the world¿s leading money transfer services organisations are growing through their next phase of growth and currently require a number of talented Developers.
You will very much be at the heart of the business as you will be part of an exciting team who take all the ideas and bring them to life. My client is currently in the process of rewriting the core of their service into a microservices architecture written in a mixture of C# and Java.
My client is looking for people who are passionate about building great software and inspiring others to do the same. They are advocates of TDD and looking for experienced Developers having significant experience with distributed systems, messaging and API design.

- Evolve, improve and replace existing systems.
- Improve API platform.
- Continuously improve code using TDD.
- Continuously measure performance and improve the API
- Mentor Junior Developers.
- Continuously improve the delivery pipeline.

Key Skills:
- Significant experience in C# and .Net.
- Experience in, or happy to learn, other stacks.
- Experience working with the Open Source .Net ecosystem.
- TDD, XP and Agile practices, SOLID principles.
- Experience with cloud platforms such as AWS or Azure.
- HTTP APIs, Knowledge of REST and the Richardson Maturity Model.
- Continuous Integration and Delivery.
- Redis, MongoDB or other NoSQL technologies.
- Experience with Git, Teamcity/Jenkins/GoCD.
- Good knowledge of automating tasks with Powershell.

Desired Skills:
- Experience with various tech stacks. More the better.
- An excellent track record of evolving software to be better continuously.
- Experience of running code katas and improvement sessions for the team.

Job Requirements

C# / .NET / AWS / Azure / TDD / API / Microservices