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  • Date Posted: 20.09.2018.
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  • Location: South East
  • Date Posted: 21.08.2018.

Customer Readiness Manager

Job Description

Our client a leader in the financial services sector has an urgent contract requirement for a Customer Readiness Manager to ensure outstanding service is provided to all of their new customers. Financial services experience would be an advantage for this role.

Main Purpose of the Customer Readiness Manager

To support external customers in their testing to take-on our clients services as follows;
1. When a customer comes onto a new service
2. When a new customer comes onto an existing service
3. When a customer makes internal changes that require them to retest their use of an existing service
4. When our client makes changes to a service that require customers to retest their systems

Key Responsibilities
Ensuring that outstanding service is provided to our clients customers by preparing them for the implementation of a system or a change to a system.
This includes attending/contributing to external meetings and also preparing, amending and reviewing Customer Readiness documents
Responding to customer queries and raising defects on behalf of the customers within the SLAs agreed with the customers
Ensuring that the milestones and deliverables on the project plans are met and are of the appropriate quality before being made externally available.
Adopting the agreed Customer Readiness communication style which is professional at all times and provides the required audit trail either by formal meeting minutes or the appropriate email trail in the Customer Readiness inbox.
Taking responsibility for delivering small scale change within the remit of post
Liaising regularly with the relevant internal teams/ departments to ensure that defects are fixed in a timely manner, the test environment is fit for purpose and that all Customer Readiness activities are on schedule, thereby ensuring that implementations run smoothly. In addition, takes into account the needs of other internal teams, by the reviewing of documents, attendance at regular meetings

Job Requirements