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  • Date Posted: 19.09.2017.

Cyber Security Operations Analyst

Job Description

CSOC Analyst, Security, Cyber Security Operations, Contract, Financial Services.

A Cyber Security Operations Analyst is required to assess incoming intelligence, detect and respond to cyber security incidents on critical national infrastructure. This is a technical hands-on role.

The role :
- Assessing severity of security incidents through the incident response process.
- Leverage personal research, open source, and commercial intelligence partners to detect cyber attacks.
- Develop and tune SIEM, using Splunk queries for data mining.
- Escalation point for triage of incidents.
- Work with other teams to Increase security awareness and training across the business.
- Investigating intrusions, using network forensics and malware analysis tools.
- Point of contact for projects requiring security input and guidance.
- Support the Security Operations function.

Essential experience needed :

- IT Security Operations knowledge
- Understanding of Network, layers, technologies and tools.
- Knowledge of Security products and technologies like SIAM.
- Understanding of current threats, attack lifecycle, layered defence models.

Job Requirements