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  • Date Posted: 13.09.2017.

Information Assurance Manager

Job Description

Information Assurance Manager - Information Security Management
London City
Permanent, Full-Time

One of my leading clients, who specialise in systems integration, are currently working on a large Transition programme within the Public Sector and are looking to recruit an Information Assurance Manager with experience in providing Information Security Management on large scale IT Service Delivery Programmes.

You will assist in the assurance of system designs and infrastructure changes across the domain to maintain specified levels of information security at all times and be a key member of the ISM management function for all ISM team members to ensure effective ISM delivery.

Experience Required:
- Demonstrable experience providing ISM on large scale IT Service delivery programmes and projects especially in support of OFFICIAL Information Security requirements
- Proven ability to audit an IT environment and provide security and process recommendations.
- Recognised expert in HMG Security Policy Framework, policies, procedures in a delivery context with working knowledge of HMG Good Practice Guides
- A willingness to travel in the UK
- Exemplary communication skills; the ability to listen effectively, react appropriately to feedback and create a highly efficient, ethically strong and collaborative working environment
- Positive interpersonal skills including the ability to negotiate to fair and reasonable conclusions
- Experience of working successfully in dynamic and fast-paced working environments, with effective priority handling and task management successes
- Demonstrate experience coordinating activities within multiple disperse security organisations

The Application Process
Apply now! Your application will be considered immediately, and if the client would like to interview they will conduct a telephone interview followed by a face to face. Need more info? Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Job Requirements

Infiormation Security Management