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  • Job Reference: JO024599
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Salary: £45000 per annum
  • Location: Buckinghamshire
  • Date Posted: 13.09.2017.
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  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Salary: £60000 per annum
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  • Location: City of London
  • Date Posted: 05.09.2017.
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  • Salary: £50000 per annum
  • Location: Surrey
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  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Salary: £70000 per annum
  • Location: Buckinghamshire
  • Date Posted: 13.09.2017.

Secretariat / Company Secretary

Job Description

Secretariat / Company Secretary - Financial Services - London - Contract - Governance

This contract is to perform a key role in the governance of an exciting new programme. The postholder will take responsibility for a portfolio of stakeholder meetings.

Main Duties:
- Preparing and distributing agenda and papers. This involves preparing the draft agenda for discussion with and approval by Senior stakeholders, drafting papers for submission, liaison with other parties regarding the submission of their papers, finalisation of the agenda and papers, and production and distribution of the papers in accordance with set deadlines;
- Preparing and circulating documents for comment (e.g. consultation papers, draft reports), collating responses and preparing the final documentation for submission;
- Analysing documents and presenting analysis of data as and when required;
- Preparing briefing papers (including the provision of background information) and briefing the necessary parties in advance of the meeting;
- Presenting agenda items to and advising meetings of Committees on procedure etc. where appropriate.

Experience needed:
- Significant experience of servicing formal meetings.
- Experience of presenting agenda items at meetings and providing advice at meetings
- Experience of dealing with confidential matters
- Experience of interpretation of and advising on governance documents
- Excellent communication skills, both oral and written. Experience of team working and evidence of ability to work with people at all levels
- Proven IT skills. Evidence of use of and proficiency in MS Windows, MS Word, MS PowerPoint. MS Excel and MS Visio - desirable

Job Requirements