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  • Date Posted: 17.09.2017.
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  • Location: Buckinghamshire
  • Date Posted: 13.09.2017.

Data Scientist

Job Description

Are you a talented Data scientist - who is looking to kick start their career in 2017, with a new role?

My client world leader within the legal industry - require an individual to join a highly experienced technical team. This person will be a top level data scientist, and will work on ground breaking technology projects. These projects will include data extraction and analysis of the document content.

You will work closely with the R&D software team, while having close collaboration across technical, support and legal teams.

Experience Required
Retrieval and collation of large volumes of documents
Processing, cleansing, and verifying the integrity of documents
ngestion and OCR conversion of document data
Creating regular expressions and working directly with lawyers to support data extraction
Developing and enhancing an evolving technology platform
Provide direct support to the legal team on multiple live projects
Liaise with knowledge engineering team to develop questionnaires to hold data analysis
Provide technical integration services to support automatic data transfer between extraction and analysis tools
Creation of ad-hoc reports and analysis of data sets including visual representations

Skills Required
Deep understanding of Natural Language Processing techniques
Data mining, cluster analysis and statistical data analysis
¿NoSQL ¿ MongoDB
Excellent programming and scripting skills
¿Apache Lucene
Apache SOLR

If this sounds like a challenging role ¿ please apply today

Job Requirements

Data mining / cluster analysis and statistical data analysis / NoS