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Agile Programme Manager

Job Description

Agile Coach, Programme Management, Scrum Master, Delivery Manager

A Local Government department currently requires an Agile Programme Manager to join their inner London team- the office will be relocating to a south eastern London Borough in the near future and you may also be required to travel to customer sites in and around London as well as Sheffield when required.

Your key responsibilities will include release train Kanbans, management and planning-in addition to orchestration of the backlog for the release train. Common reporting structure and metrics across release trains in addition to delivering the components of PCV and Search.

-You will need to have 3+ years of experience as a Scrum Master/Release Train Engineer/Agile Delivery Manager/Product Owner/Agile Coach
- 2+ years of experience working on large scale, multiple scrum team projects
- Understanding of fundamentals of software development processes and procedures
- Bachelor's Degree in an IT related field
- Certified Scrum Master
- 8+ years of IT experience
- 2+ years of experience working on mixed methodology program (Scrum interfacing with Waterfall from a dependency perspective)
- Experience delivering a microservices architecture
- Knowledge of SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) structure and theories
- Understanding of basic fundamentals of iterative development
- Understanding of backlog tracking, burndown metrics, velocity, and task definition
- Understanding of incremental delivery and the value of metrics

If you feel you meet the requirements above please send a copy of your CV to be reviewed ASAP.

Job Requirements

Agile Coach / Programme Management / Scrum Master / Delivery Manager