“I joined DP Connect because I wanted to work for a niche, specialist agency and I was impressed by the credentials of both the business and Toni. I was also impressed by the length of service so many of the Consultants have, it is somewhere it I can stay for a long time and really build a career”

I can honestly say DP Connect have provided me with the greatest level of support both on a personal and a professional level throughout my pregnancy and maternity leave.
Throughout my maternity leave I felt completely in touch with the business, with regular personal messages from the Directors to wish me luck, hear how everything was going and to request pictures of the baby!! I was also kept up to date of any important changes in the business so that I wouldn’t return feeling disconnected.
Towards the end of my maternity leave I was met with a completely open minded, flexible and, above all, supportive approach to my return to work.
I have been given the perfect mix of flexible working hours, an exciting new project in a different business area, and plenty of opportunity to progress and exercise my ambition. The fact that I am now a working mother has had no impact on conversations about my future potential with the company. This was so important, as it made my return to work something I was looking forward to, and excited about.
I have been made to feel so welcome since returning to the business. In fact, in some ways I feel like I have never been away. The Directors regularly make sure I am getting all the support I need and it has also been made clear to me that I will always have their support in being a mum first.
I genuinely couldn’t be more thankful that DP Connect have made every effort to ensure I had no stress and no worries throughout my pregnancy and my maternity leave. I also have every confidence that they will make balancing my career and motherhood a much easier experience!

Cherry Swayne – Head of Cambridge Office


“I joined DP Connect nearly 6 years ago as initially I was looking for a role outside of London but still working in IT recruitment, in a role I could be in for the long term – at my interview I met 2 of the longest serving consultants who have both worked for the company for over 15 years . It’s a great place to work as we have a good mix of people, from Juniors to very experienced people, so there’s always lots of opportunity to both share knowledge and gain knowledge, this also means as a Resourcer within the company I always work on a wide range of industries, roles and projects due to the diverse teams we have, with account managers who all specialise in their own areas. At DP Connect there is always the opportunity to have your views heard and contribute to ideas for the company.” 

Jen Odell - Senior Resourcer Bromley HQ

“I have worked for DP Connect for the last 8 years. The support I have received has been second to none. It has a family feel and everyone is treated equally. DP Connect has given me the opportunity to progress within Recruitment from a Delivery role to a Team Leader to Head of Delivery. As Head of Delivery I have complete ownership of delivery across all three of our offices. With the experience I have gained at DP Connect I am now in a position to assist in making detailed assessments of each client opportunity, guaranteeing client satisfaction in sourcing the best talent in a demanding market. I also decide on what candidate acquisition tools we use across the business. I get to regularly travel to our other offices to help with sourcing strategies and knowledge sharing with new starters. I think DP Connect have a really strong management team, fun environment to work in and offer on-going support to the staff. I have really enjoyed the last 8 years and extremely looking forward to the next chapter.”

Matt Taylor - Head of Delivery, Bromley HQ




“In April 2016 I started an apprenticeship with DP Connect. After being very worried for several months about never being able to find a career I really wanted to get into, I interviewed with DP Connect for their 12 month apprenticeship which, once completed, would give me an NVQ Level 2 in Recruitment. To my luck, I was offered the job and started at DP Connect a week later. It turned out to be one of the best life or career choices I have made to date. I was given constant support and all the training I needed in order to be a successful member of the team. Before starting, I didn’t even know what recruitment was, but I was put into a team with people of all different levels of experience, which enabled me to learn new things from a range of colleagues. I had a Team Leader who spent many hours of my first 12 month period training me and showing me new tricks and tools. I was given targets, just like everyone one else across the business. However, given that I was new to the business there was a great deal of flexibility around these targets to ensure they were achievable and realistic, as they understood I was learning along the way.

I feel I have learnt an incredible amount of information and life skills at DP Connect, and I still continue to learn new things every single day. Without the training and assistance I have been given, I would not be where I am today; hitting targets, building relationships, and making placements which lead to earning money for both me as commission and for the business. DP Connect is a business which is filled with honest and helpful individuals which will give you any training and development you need. As the 12 month mark approached, I was called into the CEO’s office and was offered a permanent position with DP Connect. She gave me a big hug, and told me that people like me who are committed, dedicated and willing to give 100% will be successful in the business. Since being made a permanent employee I feel that I am still receiving the same support and training as I was before and am continuing to grow within the business. My advice to anyone starting at DP Connect is, If you want to be successful and you work hard, then you will be successful. ” 


Francesca Memory - Candidate Attraction Consultant